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Clothes Drying Tips - How To Dry Clothes Fast In Rainy Season

Monsoons are already here and are knocking the doorbells. Indeed, who doesn’t love rains? Monsoon and the wet mud fragrance gives a complete refreshment. Peeping out of the window, watching the pearl like droplets on the green grass, sipping a hot cup of coffee! Monsoons can be the ultimate weather to enjoy the most, but is it the same for our clothes drying outside? It can be unpleasant for all our favorite garments that are drying outside as there would be less sunshine.

That’s true, microbes spread around the room due to the moisture that gets laden inside the room from the wet clothes that don’t dry! These microbes can lead to tones of health problems starting with cold and flu to sore throat and fever to the maximum. Nevertheless, we have pulled out some of the best tips to dry clothes fast in the monsoon.

6 Best Clothes Drying Tips:

1. Let It Drip!

Do not rush into drying the clothes before dripping maximum water from the clothes after you have washed. Of course, when you wash the clothes in the washing machine, you have to dry it twice or thrice until the water drips off to the maximum. However, you will have to let excess water drip first before you put them to dry on the stand.

2. Prioritize:

Indeed, you cannot wash all the clothes at once! How about you prioritize the important clothes to get it washed in the first batch. Having an ample space to dry clothes can be a luxury but what if you don’t? This, however, points towards the washes that you can do in one go and of course the lack of space to dry the washed clothes. Hence, make sure to only wash those clothes that are urgent and important for your routine and other stuff!

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3. Use Cloth Stand:

Use Clothe Stand

Yes, a clothing rack or a stand serves a good level of purpose when it comes to the monsoons. You don’t have to worry about drying out the clothes quickly, as these well-designed stands and racks are the life-savers. Of course, you won’t even require electrical drying, just wash the clothes and hang them over the cloth stand or the clothing rack to let it dry completely. It will be convenient as it would not consume power and reduce the stress of drying the clothes fast in the rainy season.

4. Control Moisture Indoors:

Well, the moisture indoors can be extremely disturbing for both the ambiance inside the room and for your health. Dry clothes in monsoon could be difficult to obtain, but when you keep the moisture levels low, it will make it easier for both the clothes to dry quickly and also protects your health. Of course, you can make use of an air purifier bag or even salt bags would do a lot of benefits.

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5. Iron Your Laundry:

Iron Your Laundry

We all iron our clothes after it has dried completely or probably we would iron it when we are about to wear one or use a specific clothing. However, you can dry clothes in monsoon with the help of ironing as it would ease up the leftover moisture or the damp in the clothes. If you find there are damps in the thicker parts of your clothes such as jeans, sweaters or solid tees then you can indeed iron them out and dry them easily.

6. Use Dryer:

This could be the least choice one can make if none of the drying tips works out! If you have a dryer at home and if you are rushing outside somewhere and there are priority clothes waiting to get dried then you can make use of the dryer. Yes, the hair dryer can be used to dry clothes in the rainy season as it won’t be much easy, but yes, it can be effective enough. Hair dryers can be used on an urgent basis or emergency basis when you don’t have any other option left to dry your clothes.


Drying clothes have always been a hectic task, especially during the monsoon. Of course, we cannot postpone our routine just because of the rains and storms. Hence, making use of such clothes drying tips much like the ones mentioned above could be put to optimum use and can be opted to dry clothes pretty much instantly without much concern.