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Wash & Fold Services: Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat. Break the Habit!

Spending time on laundry can be frustrating sometimes as it is a time-consuming and hectic task to do. Thus, people want to outsource these wash & fold services or laundry tasks for getting more free time so that they can go through their social media accounts after the busy hours at work. As per the statistics conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average time spent on laundry by an American is 30 minutes that can gross up to 3.5 hours a week.

Luckily, you can hire a laundry service in London at an affordable price to get your laundry work done easily. Are you new to the term ‘wash & fold service?’ Don’t worry; we will help you to find that out with this guide.

What is Wash & Fold service?

Wash and Fold Service

The wash & fold service is a basic act of laundering your clothes through a laundry service in London so that you can get your clothes professionally cleaned. It is also sometimes referred to as “fluff and fold.” Initially, you just need to drop off your laundry at a laundry service in London or at a wash & fold service location. Then they are washed in a commercial washing machine and dried in a commercial dryer following which they are folded and handed over to you. Thus, you no longer need to worry about the hassles of washing your clothes and you can buy yourself some more free time.

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Advantages of Wash & Fold Services:

There are plenty of benefits that you can get by hiring a wash & fold service or laundry service in London. The most important one is that your laundry will be now in professional hands and so they will be cleaned in the best possible ways. Once you hire these services, you can pick up or drop your clothes as per your flexibility and time.

You no longer need to spend your time washing clothes and hence you can have more time for doing the other tasks. Moreover, this is quite an affordable option as was & fold services generally charge with respect to weight instead of separate garments.

Additionally, washing your clothes at home can cause damage to the fabrics which will not be the case when you drop them off at a laundry service in London because they are trained in these wash & fold services.

Is It Worth Hiring a Laundry Service in London?

Yes, by hiring a wash & fold service in London, you can complete your laundry in a much more effective way. Let’s see how:

Time Saver:

Free Pickup and Delivery Service

The busy lifestyle has made people ignorant to spend lots of hours washing clothes every day or every week. Hence, hiring a laundry service in London can be a wise option that can save your time to a large extent. Moreover, some of the best wash & fold services also offer no contact pick-up and delivery services that are much more beneficial.


Most of the wash & fold services are composed of skilled professionals who understand the type of laundering required for different fabrics. They generally use commercial detergents and utilize their experience to make your clothes neat and clean.

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Affordable Rates:

Affordable rates

Hiring a good laundry service in London can be a good cost-effective solution rather than doing the laundering tasks at home. For doing the laundry tasks at home, you need to regularly maintain the washing machines, buy detergents, etc. Besides, you also need to consider the energy and water uses.

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As mentioned in the first point of this section, outsourcing your laundering tasks to a laundry service in London can not only save time but is highly convenient as well. You can drop off your clothes and pick them up as per your convenience and flexibility.


Hope that you have got an overall idea of the wash & fold services, the benefits and also how better it is to choose a laundry service in London. Instead of wasting your time washing clothes, just delegate your work to one of the best laundry services by subscribing to their plans as per your budget and requirements.

Thanks for reading this guide till the end; we hope that you have found it quite useful!