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6 Tips to Find The Best Dry Cleaner Near Me in London

Finding a trusted dry cleaner near you is never an easy task. A good dry cleaner can not only save time but also your hard earned money and is a great investment too. Branded quality clothes are highly expensive and it is important that we take good care of such clothes. When it comes to cleaning your clothes, the dry cleaning services that you have chosen must be a reputed one and of course should have a good review.

Much worse, an average dry cleaner will miss to pick up, no timely delivery, making the clothes stained, ripped and discolored. To assist you choose the best dry cleaning company, we have mentioned five top tips that will guide you to choose the one for your clothes.

Effective Tips To Find The Best Dry Cleaning Services Near Me

Dry Cleaning Delivery Services

Take a look at the tips that will pave a path for you to reach the perfect dry cleaner that will charge less, serving the highest quality of cleaning services.

#1 - Shoot Some Questions

Visit the dry cleaner near you and shoot and know where the cleaning is done, the detergents or the solvent they use, equipment and tools they use for pressing, details on handling of damaged clothes, cost, if they provide any add-ons with the service, and also get to know about the pickup and delivery. Knowing this in-depth information can help you choose better options with the best price if the nearest dry cleaner does not go your way.

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#2 - Reviews & Recommendations

Reviews & Recommendations

One thing to remember always, before you consider any dry cleaning services make sure to get some suggestions in your circle, maybe your colleagues, or locality friends or even your relatives can recommend some good dry cleaner nearby your area as per their past experience. If you don’t get any suggestions you can take the assistance of the internet and check for online reviews and feedback, and also make sure to see the highest number of reviews and then try calling up the company directly.

#3 - Check Their Certifications

Hold on for a moment, before you give up your favorite casuals over the counter and check for the company’s accreditations and certifications. If the attendant does not know about it, then try contacting the floor manager on duty. Some dry cleaners have their certifications on the entrance wall. Also, not necessarily every dry cleaner near you should have acquired such certifications and affiliations if it’s a startup then maybe they might not be holding any. Yet, you may check for the reviews surrounding the neighborhood and they may notify you about the services.

#4. - Is The Clerk Professional?

The person at the first counter of every company’s entrance is the face of the company. It is important that such frontline staff must behave properly and professionally. If the clerk is helpful and assisting then that shows a good counter and eventually the signs of providing authentic services as well. The clerk also inspects the clothes and then suggests the perfect cleaning option considering the stains on the garments, if any. A small advice to you too, make sure that you don’t allow the stains to get settled, they are critical to be removed, not even by the best cleaners.

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#5 - Keep An Eye On The Budget

Remember that you have other expenses too and not just the dry cleaners in London & Essex to spend on. Keep some limits on the expenditure that you do for dry cleaning tasks as it can be expensive sometimes. Make sure that you choose the best dry cleaners in E14, E16, RM10 that do not charge too much of your hard-earned money. When you go for preventive care and measures it paves the path for real savings on both time and money for dry cleaning.

#6 - Extra Services

Extra services and add-ons are like sugar and honey, it certainly gives a pleasant taste. Some laundry services do provide complimentary offers and benefits to the customers seasonally while some dry cleaners in London, Essex, RM10, E15 and E17 provide add-ons that come attached with the current services the company offers. These add-ons are beneficial and serve as a perfect money saving formula too.


Choosing the best and the most suitable dry cleaners in London can be difficult. Considering the above mentioned tips and factors can help you select the perfect dry cleaning services that best suits your needs and requirements.