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4 Effective Tips To Do Laundry Safely During Coronavirus Outbreak

Being hygienic and careful is what the globe is following. The rise of COVID 19 has reached approximately 3.27 million cases worldwide, which has created a wide panic around many leading countries and cities. Avoiding corona virus is possible but eradicating the disease from the universe has not yet been possible by any medical experts. There are scientists working hard in finding the cure till then it is every individual’s responsibility to follow hygienic habits and adopt maximum preventive measures as suggested by the World Health Organization, to avoid corona reaching us or our loved ones.

Indeed, these measures apply for weekly laundry services during coronavirus too, as research says, viruses can stay put over the clothes for certain hours unless they are soft materials like pure cotton. There are some laundromat tips to get going with your laundry safely during a coronavirus outbreak that you should keep in mind.

4 Tips To Use Laundry Services During Coronavirus:

You can check on these below mentioned laundromats tips that would be handy and useful to keep safe with the laundry services getting outsourced.

 #1 - Laundromats:

Laundromats Guidelines

You should really be careful when using the Laundromats, even though they are safe during such dangerous outbreaks. The person to person socialism or the interaction can spread the virus more than ever or probably one could predict. Hence, it is necessary that you carry a hand sanitizer along with you that would protect you from coming in contact with viruses even if you accidentally touch anything in the Laundromats during coronavirus. Of course, you must not forget to wear a medical mask that would cover both your nose and mouth to help you stay safe from viruses even if there were people in the laundry room.

#2 - Social Distancing:

Not just the government is requesting you to follow social distancing, even the top scientists and world health organization is! Social distancing can certainly take away the viruses as you will not be coming in contact with anyone, which won’t lead you to worry about spreading or getting corona. Study says, you need to maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance in the public spaces including the Laundromats during coronavirus outbreak as it could prevent the pandemic from becoming worse. Of course, this also means that there should be only one person at a time inside the laundry room or to the maximum there can be two people, that’s it!

#3 - Washing Hands:

Washing Hands - Laundry Tips

You do really have to keep washing your hands because we don't know what we come in contact with even at our homes. Washing hands often can help you to eradicate these viruses and eventually keep you safe. When you use a sanitizer or hand washes that contain more than 80% of alcohol then that solution removes any virus from your hands and this is just the beginning step to remove viruses from the basics. If you hand over your clothes to the laundry experts over the counter then you should probably get some precautionary measures and follow the laundry guidelines before you do so, as you might not want to get coronavirus or spread viruses from you to the laundry personnel. You can also avoid much of a talking with the laundry personnel to stop the spread. It’s not that they have coronavirus, but what if they had any symptoms?! Being preventive is totally fine before it reaches the cure!

#4 - Manage Safely:

Whether you get your clothes to the laundry or you do them at home, you have to be careful with the clothes you deal with. However, you have to handle the clothes safely with proper preventive measures that you have taken. Laundry services can be used when you have a lot of clothes or the entire week’s clothes to be washed or dry cleaned. If you are washing the clothes at home, then you should also take precautions and then go ahead with the washing. Also, hot and humid weather can kill the bacteria on the clothes, and hence you can dry your clothes right under the sun’s heat.


When you follow all the above mentioned tips to do the laundry then it can be great while you are also following the laundry guidelines before you outsource the laundry services. However, make sure that you are taking preventive measures and proper hygienic methods that will keep you and your loved ones safe, yes, and together we can fight the COVID19.