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5 Tips You Need To Know About How To Make Clothes Last Longer

Clothes? Yeah, they are a little too costly, and maintaining these expensive garments is way much hectic, especially if they turn out to be your favorite ones, and we all know that feeling when our dear garments begin to grow old. If you are investing in garments and wardrobe pieces, then it is also necessary that you wash, store, and care for your cloth love, and yeah, that’s a responsibility. Fashion experts say every different garment has its own demand that needs the exact care and love to be showered.

It doesn’t matter, if you are a fashionista or a simplicity lover, all your clothes need some deserving attention that starts from folding or hanging them to detergents or wash liquids you use. Of course, some costumes do need laundry services to keep up the quality.

Laundry Tips To Make Your Favorite Clothes Last Longer:

Right, that we all have felt sad when we saw our favorite clothes losing its color and slowly fading away! The moment when we all regretted it, we should have taken good care of my ideal garment. Hold on, to help you with these garment maintenance issues, here are a few expert tips that will make your clothes last longer if appropriately followed.

Let’s take a look:

#1 - Read it twice, No, thrice!

Or maybe till the time you remember, like forever! Washing symbols on every garment can be confusing with different guides and tips everywhere, but when you wash these clothes with the same care and guidance, then, guess what? Your clothes can last longer, maybe you can offer them to your kids in the future. You should be aware of the material the garment is made of and then only must proceed with its caring process, just like they do in laundry services.

#2 - Wash It Every Day?

Wash Clothes Everyday

Who washes the clothes every day, unless it is that urgent? But, hopefully, jeans can be managed without washing them off every day, isn’t it? The more your clothes soak in water and detergent, the more it wears out, so don’t over clean the clothes, especially the ones that are cotton and thin by fabrics. You can use laundry and dry clean suits, coats, sweaters, and dense material garments to provide proper care for your clothes.

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#3 - Store Clothes

Declutter your wardrobe periodically and never let unused or unwanted clothes sleep in your closet, let it be donated to someone in need. Get the power of piling and organize it accurately. Inspect your clothes for damage, check if any of the garments are no more of use, and then store only the ones that you would be wearing, or you can also sort them out separately according to the occasion and the washing requirements with the assistance of quality laundry services.

#4 - Water Temperature

Not just to save the environmental pollution and electricity bills but also to keep your favorite clothes from getting faded away, and that’s quite saddening. When you reduce the water to a warm temperature, it prevents the clothes from wearing out and fading away so soon. However, it is also an excellent way to make the garments look as fresh as new. Such fragile clothes can be washed with the help of quality laundry services.

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#5 - Less Detergent? Yeah!

If you see the detergent with a little attention, then you would understand the amount of detergent to be used in every wash. You might not want to use more than the mentioned amount of soap in the roll and then degrade the quality of your clothes; obviously, you can use a little amount of detergent than specified on the box. However, use the best, superior quality detergent as harsh ones can leave your clothes dull, or you can opt for laundry delivery services.


Not just these, but there are more such factors and tips that you need to keep in mind when you are very focused on making the cloth last longer than expected. Hello Laundry, is known for one of the best laundry and dry cleaning services that promise to be your best laundry partner at the best price possible. Dry cleaning and ironing is no more a hectic task!