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Laundry Myths - Taking Note of 9 Cloth Washing Myths Believed by Everyone

Washing is a daily household chore, which has been considered quite tedious. Everyone has their own laundry tips and tricks to manage the cloth washing task. But, some of them are laundry myths that have become a prevalent notion. Many people keep on try tips and tricks by reading the internet. But, are they really worthy enough to be tried? Nevertheless, people believe such myths without knowing the repercussions caused by them. Indeed, many of such clothing washing myths can lead to serious trouble for the clothes as well. This is not all; exercising such myths can affect the functioning of your washing machine too. Under-mentioned are some of the laundry myths being debunked for better understanding.

Laundry Myths Debunked:

#1 - Adding More Detergents Cleans Better:

Laundry Detergents

It is quite certainly said that more detergent used in the washing machines will clean the clothes better. But, this goes the other way around. Indeed, adding more detergent to wash the clothes than required can be troublesome because detergent remains in the clothes and does not get washed off completely. When the clothes are tumbled off, there are possibilities that leftover detergent may deteriorate the condition of the fabric as well.

#2 - Bleach with Detergent Increases its Efficiency:

Even though addition of chlorine bleach can enhance brightening of the whites; but, adding unadulterated bleach with the detergent can cut the effectiveness of detergent and bleach as well. In these kinds of laundry myths, your clothes will lose its shine and get stained too. It should be noted that mixing bleach to the clothes needs to be done around five minutes after the washing cycle starts. Also, addition of baking soda with the diluted bleach can aid in stain removing.

#3 - Only Hot Water Kill Germs:

Hot Water Kill Germs

Though, it is known that hot water tends to eliminate germs; but, the temperature should be minimum 100 degree celsius. But, the geysers can go max to 50 degrees which is not enough to kill germs of the laundry washed in the washing machine. You will not get proper cleanliness of the clothes with hot water, which stands as a myth. Nevertheless, many washing machines are manufactured in such a way that normal or cold water is enough to be as effective as a 100 degree hot water to kill the germs.

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#4 - Adding Coffee will Keep Clothes Darker:

It is known that retaining the brightness and color of dark or black clothes is quite a difficult task. They become dull and faded with every wash. Despite the clothing washing myths, coffee cannot retain the darkness of the black clothes at all. In fact, addition of coffee to the washing cycle can lead to problems in the washer and strange smell will come from the clothes.

#5 - Addition of Salt to the Clothes Saves Dye Color:

salt to the washing cycle

Regrettably, the dyes in clothes like dark wash jeans lose color in the initial washing cycles. For averting this, a myth states that the clothes need to be soaked in salt water before washing. Further, more salt should be added to the washing machine during the rinse cycle to retain the colors. Adding more salt to the washing cycle can cause serious damage to the machine itself.

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#6 - Keeping Washers Unclean is Fine:

It is quite a prevalent myth that the washer needs not to be cleaned after the washing cycle. But, you should definitely clean the washer because an unclean one will result in bad smell, mildew, and other germs growing in the machine. This will, ultimately, affect the machine’s functionality.

#7 - High Dryer Heat Shrinks the Clothes:

Dryer Heat Shrinks Clothes

It is a common myth that higher temperature of the dryer has the tendency to shrink clothes. This is certainly not true in any way. The shrinkage of clothes occurs due to lack of moisture in the clothes. So, you should take out the clothes from the dryer on being damp, and dry them in sunshine to avert shrinkage.

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#8 - Freezing can Kill Bacterial in Jeans:

It is one of the most noted laundry myths that keeping jeans in the freezer might kill the bacteria. Certainly, it is not completely true as some bacteria might get frozen that will get activated again because of the body temperature. It is wisely stated that such myths should not be believed in any way possible.

#9 - Hair Sprays can Remove Ink Stains:

It is said that hair sprays have the tendency to remove ink stains. This is certainly not true because most hair sprays are not manufactured with alcohol. Though, alcohol can lighten or even remove the ink stains. Earlier, hair sprays with alcohol could have been a bit effective in such a matter. As alcohol dries the hair, the companies do not include alcohol anymore in the hair sprays. So, it is not effective any more for sure.

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