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Know All About Repairing Your Shoes & Boots

It is said that shoes define the personality of an individual. So, taking care of them is mandatory. Certainly, wear and tear is quite common in shoes adorned on a daily basis. The shoes are always on a run, be it trekking, walking, jogging, or simply moving around. It is the need to mend shoes as and when needed that taking care should be carried out on a preliminary basis. Well, not just the outer part of the shoe requires repairing; rather, the inner part of the sole needs to be mended too. In this regard, following some tips will turn out to be quite helpful.

Essential Tips for Shoes Repairing:

#1 - Putting the Sole of the Shoe Again:

Putting the Sole of the Shoe

When it comes to the matter of saving on buying a new pair of shoes, resoling is the perfect solution. Such a step is required when your shoes have given it completely and reflects signs of aging. Definitely, the appearance of creases, uneven platform, damaged area, and worn down tread will require you to go for resoling. In this matter, flattening the soles by grinding them should be done at the first. Further to this, you need to trace shoe sole on the new sole material. Apply the glue after to the new sole material and paste it to the shoe base. Let the glue dry for a while, and cut the extra edges of the sole material. Now, the resoling process is done.

#2 - Stitching the Shoes Again:

Stitching the Shoes

As the time passes by, it is certain that the shoes will get torn and require re-stitching. It is all about keeping the shoes last longer. In this process, the thread should be cut a little longer than required. You need to hold the beeswax on one side, and the end of the thread on the other hand. It is important that the thread should pass through the wax more than one time. The stitching should start from three steps ahead of the torn seam. In fact, the awl needs to be utilized to pass through older stitches for allowing the passage of new thread. Also, pliers can be used for enabling the needle to pass through the holes more than once or twice. It is necessary to pull every thread cord tightly to make sure that stitching is firm. As the process gets completed, cutting off excess thread is necessary and the last stitch should be hidden in the inner side of the shoe.

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3. Cleaning and Shining Gives a New Look:

Cleaning and Shining Gives a New Look

After resoling and stitching, it is necessary to get your shoes cleaned. For this, applying shoe polish and shoe shiner is mandatory. Certainly, you need to clean the dust from the shoes first. Further, applying shoe polish and rubbing it with the brush has to be done. As the polishing part gets completed, take the shoe shiner and rub it throughout the shoe. In this way, you will be able to get your old shoe transformed into a wearable one.

By taking above-mentioned tips into consideration, you can give a new life to your old shoes. By using such tips, a lot of money can be saved that might get wasted in buying a new pair. Everyone has a monthly budget and any expenses out of the blue may dig a hole in the pocket. So, mending old shoes is the best option to look for. Besides this, taking assistance from a professional cobbler in changing the appearance of your old shoe will be the best idea. It is because they have the requisite tools and tactics to beautify your shoes in the most effective manner. And if you plan to buy sole protectors; then, it is a perfect idea as it protects the shoes from breakdown.