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Ironing Guide - Know How To Iron Shirt and Pants

Freshly ironed, clean and crisp clothes look pretty awesome, and much confident. As far as theory is concerned, ironing is easy and doesn’t involve much effort, but when the exact doing kicks in, its cumbersome that makes a lot of people to simply put off. The fear plays a major role when you have to iron your favorite dress or a shirt- isn’t that scary? You can always look up to ironing service in SW17, Essex for effortless ironing of shirts and pants.

Ironing has some basics to be learnt- Nah, you sure don’t have to be an expert or a professional to iron perfectly. All you need is some tips and tactics that won’t scare you neither will it spoil your dress in any way. Ironing some particular type of fabrics does need good attention and care, otherwise, it might ruin your cloth as such. You would just need some ironing service tips and techniques in SW18, Essex to iron it perfectly.

How To Iron Shirts?

Shirt Ironing Services in SW17

Ironing t-shirts and shirts are a lot easier, is that so? No, it’s just a myth. Of course, if you do it the right way like shirt ironing services, then it would be quick and correct.

  1. It is certainly the best to begin with the sleeves, as they will be hanging off the board while you iron the rest of the shirt.
  2. Next, open the cuffs- this is something, any beginner would get it wrong. Just open the cuffs and lay it flat, as it lets you iron the rest of the shirt easily.
  3. Ironing the collars needs more attention just like how you did it for the cuffs. Often, people think that it is the opposite of what they did with the cuffs.
  4. Once done with these important parts of the shirt, iron the rest of your cloth and just hang it for it to fully cool down, just like shirt ironing services do.

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How To Iron Pants?

How to Iron Pants in London

We generally don’t iron the pants, instead we press it. Yes, pants ironing service professionals, don’t say iron the pants, we say press it, and it has a reason behind it. Steam and the gentle pressure is what is going to do the job correctly, rather than the motion and the heat itself.

  1. Finding the main crease once again can be difficult. You just have to lay the pants on the iron board, line it up equally, so that you can iron it properly.
  2. Ensure that the crease goes up clearly to upside and stops round six inches near the waist. This can be applied to the pleats as well.
  3. Of course, if you have pressed the crease then you have to hang the pants for at-least an hour by the waistband for it to sit well and neat.
  4. Even if you don’t use creases on your pants, it would work just fine, you just have to give time for it to cool down.

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Major Points To Consider When Ironing

  1. Checking up on the heat temperature and fabric material is the most important, as ironing silk and polyester clothes require special care and attention.
  2. You also have to book the right iron box and make sure that it works for all the fabrics and clothes effectively.
  3. Pinching is a tactic where you can get rid of wrinkles and shrinks without an iron box.
  4. Spritzing water can be another proven and effective method to remove these shrinks with the help of moisture it provides on the clothes.
  5. When you hang the clothes or the garments outside the shower curtain when the hot water is running- it makes it easier to remove the shrinks and wrinkles easily.
  6. Using the dryer to minimize the shrinks is something that might take some extra time, but it is much more effective as compared to all the other methods.


Ironing can be easy when you pay some good and keen interest to the tips and techniques. Of course, for the beginners it might be tedious but when you practice and make use of the tactics, you can easily get along with ironing all types of clothes and not just the shirts and trousers. Otherwise, you can always opt Hello Laundry for professional shirt or pants ironing services in SW17, SW18, London, Essex.